KITTIE TOUR DATES! We just got confirmed for the eastcoast portion of the Kittie tour including The Agony Scene. The dates are posted under our events section. Keep it real and hope to see you there.
On Brokem Wings are headed to Germany for a week or soo to play the Alveran fest thingy . New shows up on the shows page. Check it out and kick ass.~Burke
We finally arrived back in Massachusetts! It feels soo good to be home, but at the same time can't wait to get back on the road. Jonathan is getting his knee worked on soo we will be home for a couple of months. We plan on regrouping and hopefully writing some new material while we are home. We will be taking part in N.E. area shows. ~Burke
We just finished up our 9 day tour of Australia. Thanks to all the kids that came out and supported. Also, thanks to Carpathian for the equipment use and for just being awsome dudes. We hope to be back sometime in the future. ~Burke
On Broken Wings are going to Australia!!! Tour dates are up now! We will be playing with Carpathian from down under. Be sure to check out the dates and come out to shows if you're in the area. ~Burke
OBW finally gets into Canada. The shows have been more than great. Thanks to all the kids that have been coming out and supporting. We have about 2 more weeks with Scars of Tomorrow and The Acacia Strain. Be sure to check the tour dates and come out and support the touring bands. ~Burke
The tour with Evergreen Terrace and Most Precious Blood started tonight in Providence, RI. There was an awsome turnout and the show was great, but sorry to say we did get into Canada. We're sorry to anyone that showed up to see us. We will be back as soon as we can. More updates to come. STAY TUNED!!!
Thanks to all the children that came out to the Germany shows. They made us feel very welcome, we are going to come back very soon soo stay tuned. I know noone even looks at this website, but i thought i'd write it anyways. Also thanks to Sacha and all of Alveran Records for all their help and support. Shyser!!! Heimer!! Peace out! ~Burke
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