Community Oriented Approach To Dealing With Emergencies

While you wait for the real emergency rescue team to arrive, and usually they do not take long, every neighborhood should already have its own emergency contingency in plan. This is a community oriented approach that can be taken to the emergency response the moment a distress call is received. Most residential neighborhoods already have this. It is called the neighborhood watch.

People will volunteer an hour or so of their evening time. And they will all have their turn to patrol their streets at night. But the moment that they suspect that something is amiss, they are quickly able to check up on the distressed residents and alert the law enforcement officers, and within minutes usually, they are there. Now as far as the emergency rescue goes, two minutes, that’s all it takes, could be a life and death matter.

emergency response

While they are waiting for the emergency rescue team to arrive, the emergency response volunteers can stand by the distressed resident, and keep him or her revived so that he or she does not slip away into a danger zone. Of course, to be an effective emergency response team member, you would have to undergo some training. That can be done. Whether this is arranged by your local emergency rescue operators or through a private agency, you’ll undergo training over a period of not more than a few weeks.

You will also be trained on how to respond to natural disasters; pulling distressed and vulnerable neighbors and their pets out of danger and salvaging as much household items as possible. And you should also be trained on how to deal with fire breakouts should they ever occur. This is all it takes to be a valuable member of your community.